FEATURED MARINE OF MCL DET. #1075           


Ivar Gram


Ivar Gram enlisted in the Marine Corps on May 5, 1958 in Virginia. He received recruit training at Parris Island,and Infantry training at Camp Lejeune,NC. After infantry training Ivar was selected for the Marine Corps Drill Team at Ceremonial Guard Company, Washington,D.C.While serving on the Drill Team he was selected and given orders to Navy Flight School,Pensacola,FL. as a Marine Aviation Cadet.  Ivar trained in an all jet fixed wing program and graduated in August 1961 at NAAS,Kingsville,Texas as a US Naval Aviator and Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps.  He was then sent to Cherry Point,NC where he joined an A4-D Skyhawk jet attack squadron.  Ivar was involved in the Cuban Missile crisis and was on the runway with his engine running ready to attack a target in Cuba before receiving a stand down. 

After his tour in VMA-533, he was sent to New River,NC to retrain in helicopters and then sent to Vietnam in June 1964.  He served a year in Danang,Vietnam and returned to the states in May 1965 to Pensacola,FL serving as a helicopter instructor pilot.  Ivar resigned from the Marine Corps on September 1, 1966 after 8.5 years of active duty with an Honorable Discharge and with the rank of Captain.  He received numerous medals and citations, but most remarkable were Five Air Medals with combat V's.

Upon release from the Marine Corps he joined Air America (CIA) and returned to South East Asia where he spent the next 8.5 years involved in combat helicopter flying in Laos,Cambodia and again in South Vietnam. Ivar returned to the USA in March 1975, 29 days before Saigon and South Vietnam fell to the communist North.  This is referenced because the CIA recruited military pilots with combat experience.  In Ivar's case they recruited him before he was discharged from the Marines.  To quote Ivar, "In my heart, I was still a Marine.

Sir, your country and your Detachment salutes you for your service to your country…America owes you a debt of gratitude……  Capt. Gram is a very active member of the Percy John Fulton Marine Corps League Detachment in Winston Salem, NC……

We salute Marine Gram for his service to his Country, and Corps.

Marine Gram, we thank you for serving. America owes you a debt of gratitude.-------God Bless