FEATURED MARINE OF MCL DET. #1075           

WE HONOR Fleet Marine Force Corpsman     

Lewis Pleasants





We salute Corpsman Pleasants for his service to his Country, and Corps.

HM 2 (Hospital Corpsman 2nd class) Marvin Lewis Pleasants enlisted in the US Navy, October 1966.  He attended Hospital Corps School after basic training and then qualified for school to become an Operating Room Technician.  His basic training was in Great Lakes, Ill. at Camps Dewey and Moffet, which was a 13 week session.   After “scrubbing” for two+ years (during that period he was in the Navy Blue Jacket Choir/Chorus) at Great Lakes Naval Hospital .  Pleasants was transferred to the 3rd Marines for FMF training at Camp Pendleton , California .  After that, to “ Field Survival School ” also in California .

Deployed to Vietnam in September 1969, served 8 months in the field with the 3rd Marines, and 5 months on the hospital ship USS Sanctuary AH 17, after the 3rd Marines “retired” their colors and were sent to Okinawa .  At that time Richard Nixon was President.  Pleasants was in Okinawa two weeks, and reassigned to Vietnam because of his medical experience.  His CO intervened on his behalf and had he assigned to the hospital ship, versus field duty, the U.S.S. Sanctuary (AH 17).  He was Senior Corpsman Scrub Technician for the ships Operating Rooms, which had three operating suites.  The ship was an 800+ bed hospital ship, and the sister ship was the U.S.S. Repose.  They alternated cruising up and down the coast of South Vietnam to receive Medivac wounded and as a recuperation point for some of the military wounded.  Once stabilized and could be transported, the critical patients were transferred to a base hospital such as NSA Danang.  Their patients were predominately US Marines, and severely head wounded personnel from all branches of service, as the O.R. team had 4 Neurosurgeons on duty 24/7.   The majority of patients were either head wounded or Orthopedics.

From the ship, he was sent to Camp Lejeune for further hospital scrub duty, and then discharged from active duty in October 1970.  He served two years in the Reserves, and then was released from service October 1972 with an Honorable discharge.  


Corpsman Pleasants, we thank you for serving. America owes you a debt of gratitude.-------God Bless

He is a active member of the PERCY JOHN FULTON DETACHMENT 1075 of the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE.