FEATURED MARINE OF MCL DET. #1075           


Sgt. Robert F. Fulmer


Bob Fulmer entered the Marine Corps July 1954 and attended boot camp at Parris Island, SC. After completing Infantry Training at Camp Geiger, NC his first duty station was Comm Co. 2nd Service Regiment, 2nd Marine Division CLNC. In 1955 he transferred to the Marine Guard Detachment Naval Air Station Coco Solo Panama Canal Zone in 1955 and while there attained the rank of Cpl. E-3.

After his assignment in Panama, Bob returned to stateside in 1957 serving as a cross country prison chaser of the 3rd Naval District Brig of the Brooklyn Navy yards. In 1958, Bob reenlisted and was sent to Camp Pendleton, CA where he was assigned to the MP Detachment Southern Patrol at Camp Delmar. During that assignment Bob also served as a member of the Shore Patrol in Oceanside, CA. In the latter part of 1958 he applied and was accepted for Comm Center School. Upon completion of that training, was transferred to Cherry Point, NC assigned to MWSG-27. During that assignment he earned the rank of Sgt E-4. In 1959 Bob was transferred to MWHG-2 where he served as a Communications Watch Officer in the Wing Comm Center. During the tour at MWHG-2 he was promoted to E-5.

In 1961 Bob transferred to CLNC where he was assigned to Force Troops FMFLANT Comm. Center. Later in 1962 he was reassigned back to Force Troops and mobilized for the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Upon stand-down during that assignment he was assigned to Comm. School FMFLANT at Montfort Point where he served as Senior Instructor. During the month of June 1963 Bob entered the Naval Hospital at CLNC requiring surgery for his left hip injury. As a result of his injury and surgery, Bob was medically retired July 1, 1963.

Sir, your country and your Detachment salutes you for your service to your country…America owes you a debt of gratitude……  Sgt. Fulmer is a very active member of the Percy John Fulton Marine Corps League Detachment in Winston Salem, NC……

We salute Marine Fulmer for his service to his Country, and Corps.

Marine Fulmer, we thank you for serving. America owes you a debt of gratitude.-------God Bless