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Sgt. Wayne Reid

Wayne Reid Wayne Reid

Wayne Reid enlisted in the Marine Corps June 20, 1963 at the age of 17 on the 120 day delay program. He went to Parris Island, SC October 3, 1963 and graduated from boot camp December 18, 1963; was then assigned to Infantry Training at Camp Giger, NC. After Infantry Training he was assigned to Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, NC. On April 1, 1964 he was promoted to Private First Class. From July 1, 1964 - September 24, 1964, he was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he stood guard duty on the fence line. In October and November 1964 he was on Operation Steel Pike, which was the largest peacetime amphibious landing exercise in history, conducted by the United States Navy and Marine Corps taking place on the coast of Spain. He visited Spain and Portugal on this operation. On February 1, 1965 Wayne was promoted to Lance Corporal. June through November 1965 he was on a Mediterranean Cruise visiting Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece. On December 17, 1965 he received orders for Vietnam. After 3 weeks training at Camp Pendleton for Vietnam, he arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam April 15, 1966. He was assigned to Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division at Phu Bai, Vietnam.

Marine Reid was promoted to Corporal on July 1, 1966. His company then went to Dong Ha, Vietnam. On September 16, 1966 his company "Delta" and "Bravo" Company were ambushed by the North Vietnam Regular Army and were surrounded for 2 and 1/2 days. Delta had 11 KIA's and numerous wounded in this battle. He was wounded on September 17, 1966 by shrapnel from an enemy hand grenade. On December 20, 1966 his company was sent to Okinawa to regroup from the loss of personnel in the September ambush. His company was then sent back to Vietnam February 17, 1967 where they made an amphibious landing at Quang Ngai. After a three week operation at Quang Ngai they went to Subic Bay, Philippines for two weeks. On February 28, 1967 he was awarded the Purple Heart Medal. They then made another amphibious landing at Gio Linh, Vietnam. His company was stationed at Con Thien, Vietnam in April 1967. He was in Dong Ha waiting for orders to leave Vietnam on May 8, 1967, that night his Company was over run at Con Thien by the North Vietnamese Regular Army. His company along with another company had 44 KIA's and 110 wounded.

On May 14, 1967 he departed Vietnam. On June 11, 1967 he was assigned to Military Police and Guard Company, H&S Battalion, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC. His last five months in the Marines were spent working in the Indoctrination Area of the Brig at Camp Lejeune, NC. He was released from active duty on October 2, 1967 after four years. He received his Honorable Discharge on June 19, 1969. After seven years of civilian life he enlisted in the Marine Reserves September 22, 1976. He was promoted to Sergeant on June 1, 1977. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant on May 22, 1981. On September 23, 1986 he received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He served 16 years in the Marine Corps, 4 years active duty, 5 years active reserves and 7 years inactive reserves.

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Marine Reid, your country and Detachment salutes you for your service to your country…America owes you a debt of gratitude……THANK YOU.

We salute Marine Reid for his service to his Country, and Corps.